Well. Hi there!

You could have found my blog any number of ways. You could have clicked the link in my Twitter, or you could have been searching every dark, dust-clogged corner of the interwebs trying to find a blogger who blogs positively about autism and superheroes. Whatever the avenue, I’m purringly happy that you’re here.

If you ARE looking for someone who blogs positively about autism, well, warm greetin’s! You can call me Christiana MacLeod, the Black Wildcat — real-life superhero, autistic and proud, feline at heart. In other words, an ordinary cat-girl with an insatiable desire to make the world a little brighter for people who need to see some light.

(You can also call me Tiana for short. Or, since most acquaintances seem to insist on calling me Cat, that works, too.)

Unless you’ve been following me on Twitter for a while, a little intro (or “origin story”, if you want to call it that) is in order. I am an autistic adult. That’s right, I said “autistic”, not “with autism” because I don’t carry it next to me in a messenger bag. It’s part of me from the brain down. I don’t speak or interact with people as awkwardly as I once did, but I still have very acute senses and I figured out how to read on my own at the age of two and a half. Once an autist, always an autist. I’m going to tell you right now that if you’re an autism parent — and you haven’t discovered this yet — you are blessed with an extraordinary child, and don’t be upset because they have problems communicating or being social. Get to know them the way they are. Learn their strengths and help them develop those strengths into some great thing they can do as their talents grow along with them.

Superheroism is my other big thing. Maybe I won’t blog about it as often as I do about autism; I was briefly and eagerly a member of the Real Life Superhero movement. I have since taken a step back from that community, having inadvertently caused too much trouble for and between other heroes, and having been written off as a “keyboard warrior” by some. Nevertheless, I’ll still go out on a real-world “prowl” (my preferred catty euphemism for “patrol”) to aid the needy and prevent crime on occasion. Look for my experiences, however limited, to be chronicled here.

Intro-wise, that about covers it! Please enjoy the blog, and if you feel you must disagree with me on something, I only ask you to do it respectfully. Civility, or lack thereof, is mutual.

(Caution: Blog may contain profanity, ranting, inspirational rhetoric, and abundant cat metaphors. If you’re easily offended, an ableist, or a cat hater, I strongly recommend you turn around and go back the way you came. If you hate autistic people (up to and including your own offspring), I invite you nevertheless to stick around and read. If you want to learn something, I guarantee you will.)